The Elements: Part[5] = Replay Value;


Part[5] = Replay Value;
What is Replay Value?
            Replay Value is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the value to play the game again. Games like World of Goo and Minecraft *twitch* have great replay value. I’ve played through World of Goo four times and spent a shameful amount of time on Minecraft. My brother has played over 300 hours of Fallout 3, and another 200 or so on Fallout: New Vegas. Those are games with great replay value. In my personal opinion Call of Duty: Black Ops didn’t have good replay value. I played the story once and don’t want to play it again, and only played multiplayer a few hours before returning to Modern Warfare 2.

Is Replay Value important?
            YES! Replay value is what would make me want to buy your next game. If I only got a few hours out of Minecraft then I wouldn’t think highly of buying a game from Mojang in the future. If your game has replay value I’ll tell my friends about an awesome game I’ve played for a long time. Replay value will be determined on how original your game is, if it’s challenging, if there is always something to do, and if you can continually do things. It’s not something coded, it’s what is done, replay value is a perfect balance of everything, making your game, awesome.

Things that help:
  • Making a long game doesn’t make it better or have more replay value. Make it creative with plenty to do.
  • Don’t make a stupid lock pick minigame that you do 500+ times before completing the game. *cough* Oblivion *cough* Mass Effect *cough*
  • Don’t have too many cutscenes

            There we go, we’ve gone through the 5 chosen elements of a game. The fifth element of the most powerful, but we don’t know what it is. Now, I leave it up to you to decide which element of a game is the most important, the greatest, the fifth unknown element. To vote use the poll on the sidebar, voting closes on Monday, where the results will be posted.

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