The Elements: Part[4] = Graphics;


Part[4] = Graphics;

What are Graphics?
            Graphics are what you see. Graphics can be anything visual in the game. Some things are not graphics that you see, but generally, everything is. Graphics are not what make the game, the game makes the game, graphics make it look nice. There are two main types of graphics (excluding 3D models). Backgrounds normally are of course in the background of the game and don’t move, this is the case with most games, but some games, like Oblivion or Fable have day/night cycle, these are mostly code, but the backgrounds do change quite a bit. Then there are sprites, these can range from a tree, to the player, or anything else. Lots of sprites are still images that don’t move but add something extra to the scene, while others, can be the animations of the player walking. They all work together to make a stunning scene.

Are Graphics Important?
            This has been debated for as long as I can remember. It’s a yes and no. There are reasons they are not important. A game can still be really good without good graphics, look at Minecraft or VVVVV, it comes down to the Gameplay. But on the other side, most people will say they are less likely to try a game that looks horrible than to try one that looks really good. Also, graphics can add lots of detail to the game to help the player along the way. Imagine trying to play Call of Duty if everyone was blocky like Minecraft. It would be immensely annoying to have a cube shaped head, making snipers have a much better advantage. And fitting behind cover would get annoying as well. In the end, there are reasons graphics are very important, but there are also reasons that they aren’t, most of the time it depends on the game. As a word of advise, unless you are a respected game developer don’t advertise your game as “retro”.

Things to keep in mind:
  • DON’T overdo your graphics if your game isn’t good enough. It just leaves people disappointed.
  • DON’T underestimate the good the graphics can do for your game.
  • DO attempt to make all your graphics original
  • DON’T rip graphics and sell your game

            Graphics sure are a great thing to have done well in your game, personally, it’s my favorite part of developement. But even though it’s very important it doesn’t make your game the biggest hit ever. So is it worth of being the Fifth Element?

Hope you enjoyed,

Part 5 Coming Soon...
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