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GAME MAKER COMMUNITY — A new category just arrived at the GMC, called GameMaker General Discussion. This category has three subcategories, GameMaker 8.1, GM4Mac, and GameMaker Legacy. The whole point of this separate section on the forums is to keep The Community forum clear of all Game Maker-related questions.

[From the GMC announcment] FredFredrickson said:
With many different versions of GameMaker floating around now, and in an effort to better organize the forum, we have introduced a new set of forums for the continued discussion of GameMaker itself. From now on, all discussions about GameMaker, including updates, possible bugs, compatibility/performance questions, etc. should now take place in those forums, and not in Community. This way, people seeking discussions specifically about the latest updates to Game Maker 8.1, code-porting issues for GM4Mac, or compatibility issues for past versions of GameMaker all have a place to go.

You can find the new forums below the Community section, under the new header GameMaker General Discussion.

This is a trial of sorts for this idea, which as proposed by various members of the community and staff. If the new organization proves unintuitive or confusing over time, we will tweak it or change it back to the old way. For now though, please follow the new guidelines and post your GameMaker questions in the new forums. Thanks, and apologies for taking so long to get this done!
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