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YOYO GAMES NEWS — We've been REALLY bad with news over here at indie(News); lately, and we wanted to apologize for that. We're going to catch up with all of it in this post, since most of it has been HTML5 news. That's perfect, though, you can get it all in one source right now.

The latest news is probably the most exciting, so we'll inform you of that first. The GameMaker HTML5 Beta might be released early September. If you'd like to be a part of this beta, you can request an invite at

YoYo Games released the first preview of what GameMaker HTML5 can do with their animated scroller on the new YoYo Games site. Now, they've released a video showing an actual game made in GM HTML5. Their game, GraveDigger, can be seen in the video below.

YoYo Games announced that we might see a GM HTML5 beta as soon as September! However, Mark Overmars released on Twitter that the IDE will only be available on Windows. That's depressing news for Mac users.

YYG is going to the GDC (Game Developer's Conference)! There, they will be showing off the new GM HTML5.

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  1. GameMaker HTML5 is certainly something we'll take a closer look at here at PreviewLabs - a company specialized in rapid game prototyping.

    The HTML5 export option and ability to code a game without having to use a visual way of programming are the main reasons why we'll have a look at the technology one of the next months.

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