GM:HTML5 Price Announced


YOYO GAMES NEWS — The final product of GameMaker:HTML5 has been announced to be $199. However, during the beta testing, it will be available for $99! The beta is going to happen in September, and for those of you who haven't signed up yet, click here.

Tons of complaints have gone around the GMC talking about how it's "too expensive", "no one's going to buy it", and that "it won't sell". Now, GM:HTML5 isn't expensive. Go take Unity, that's $1,500. Some may argue "but that's a professional program!". Well, this is a professional tool as well. $200 is a small fee considering you could make big money by selling your games via the Chrome App store. You could sell your game for $1. Get 100 people to buy it (not hard to do if you make a good game) and there's $100 in your pocket. This product will sell, and it's definitely a nice addition to any professional's collection of game development tools.

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