RekameMag Returns with Issue 4


REKAME MAG — NAL (Andrew McClusky) released the first issue of RekameMag in approximately year (the previous issue came out shortly after YoYo Games Competition 06 ended!). NAL says "RekameMag Issue 4 is the latest issue of the magazine that focuses predominantly on my own personal opinions and expressions of the world of GameMaker.

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The magazine starts out with a welcome page, summing up everything that's happened with YoYo Games since the last issue. It also points out some issues he ran into while making RekameMag and some other things he's been up to. Following the introduction, the magazine continues with three articles, consisting of "The Flaws of Ratings", "Budgetless Besides Billions", and "Money for Something". Next up is a face-to-face interview with Darrell Flood, an artist, GMC member, and YoYo Games employee.

The magazine also features reviews of "Air Hockey Unlimited", "In A Dungeon", "Highway Racer", and "The Little Cars in The Big Race". Along with the final review, NAL is hosting a contest in which the reader completes a puzzle within the magazine and can win a copy of the game. The magazine wraps itself up with a humorous article on if Game Maker invaded the film industry.

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  1. I loved the three articles at the beginning! Loved them! Very interesting read, my favorite part of the magazine. And the closing article was great too!

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