GMC Jam #3 Winners


GAME MAKER COMMUNITY — The GMC JAM #3 voting ended on Friday at 23:59 GMT, and the votes were counted up. Out of 56 submissions (57 games were made, one wasn't uploaded before the deadline), the following games ranked highest:

1st Place

Doodledoo by TheSnydr

A platformer set on TheSnydr's desk. The theme was incorporated in Mr. Balloon's quest to live. Play as Mr. Balloon and run around a constantly changing piece of paper in which things come to life as a hand draws them. The hand, however, can make the game tricky, as he doesn't have to draw faster than it has to! This original entry placed 1st.

Tied for 2nd Place

The Statues Live! by chance

The Statues Live! is a platform-based puzzler that contains elements of both traditional platform games, such as jumping obstacles, and dodging enemies -- as well as logic/puzzle elements. The goal is simple: escape the dungeon. To accomplish this, the player alternately controls one of two characters (statues), enabling them to work together so that one of them can escape the dungeon.

Don't Die by CoolGamrSms

This game is a sidescrolling shooter, where you play as a secret agent. Just as you finish up one of your most impressive missions, you realize your mistake. Someone had seen you, and many more foes and been forewarned of your whereabouts. Your only chance at survival is to fight your way through the horde of black garbed ninjas to, hopefully, find refuge on the other side. I've just updated the game, and it now includes a bunch of new features.

Good job on all the submissions, and congrats to the winners!
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