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GAMEJOLT — Over at GameJolt, there was recently a topic posted about a new official competition going on. Since a member posted it, it was unsure if it was real or not, but both Ashley and Jimmy (GameJolt moderators) have backed up this statement. The original post with all information can be found below.

Now, don't sh!t your pants. GameJolt is hosting an official competition with indie(Function);!
Official Announcement Topic
The competition will be hosted over at GameJolt by the site and the recently popular indie(Function); organization. This competition's plan is to raise activity over here at GameJolt and provide some fun for the community. This post is going to be short and to the point, we're not going to waste your time because you probably have already soiled yourself from excitement and need to change.

When is going to happen?!

This competition will run for approximately a month! Yeah, this isn't just a weekend jam. This is a full blown competition! Generally, the longer it is, the more time developers have to come up with good game ideas and actually have time to perfect their work. Now, let's look at what prizes we have laying around:

The Theme:
- This won't be announced until it starts. [img][/img]

The Prizes:
- Top 3 games featured on GameJolt
- Top 3 games featured on indie(Magazine);
- Top 3 games featured on indie(Radio);
- And quite possibly a cash prize for the 1st place game!

The Rules:
  • Your entry must be an original game created just for this contest.
  • Your entry must relate to the chosen theme.
  • Your entry must be playable on Windows.
  • Collaborations are fine. Go for it with someone else! We like team work!
  • Only one game submission per person/team.
  • There are no restrictions on creation tools, libraries, file sizes or anything like that. We like diversity. Make it in Flash, make it in Construct, code it up from scratch yourself, we don't care.
  • Pre-existing code bits are acceptable, but for this contest, we'd prefer you not to use premade game engines. Libraries such as FlashPunk and Flixel are fine. Code bits must have been made by you originally.
  • No mandatory fullscreen or resolution changing. Can include a fullscreen/window switching option in-game. Games MUST start in a windowed mode.
  • You're encouraged to place the contest poster in your game, although it's definitely not a requirement. [Coming soon]

How to Enter:

To enter your game into the contest, you must upload the game to the main site. After doing that, reply to this forum post with the URL to your game.


Here's the list of judges. Wanna win? I heard they like cookies...

- Jimmy
- Bretboy129
- UnknownGamer

In Closing:

Spread the news! Let all your game development buddies know so they can freak out with you! More information coming later this week.
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  1. Amazing news! :D
    I can't wait 'til August 20!

  2. Same here! :D I'm so excited!
    -Bretboy ~ Bret Hudson

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