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YOYO GAMES — The Steam Software Store launched recently, adding GameMaker: Studio as one of its first programs available for download. The Steam version of GameMaker: Studio is the same as the version you can get via YoYo Games, however, you are able to save your work to your Steam Cloud storage space as well as be a part of the "Steam Workshop". The Steam Workshop is an online game portal designed for user-created games using the program. "GameMaker: Studio takes advantage of Steamworks features like easy installation, automatic updating and the ability to save your work to your personal Steam Cloud space so files can travel with you." To read more on what Valve's Mark Richardson and YoYo Games' Sandy Duncan had to say about this, check out the YoYo Games News article. To purchase the program, either search for it via the Steam program or check it out on theSteam website.
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