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YOYO GAMES — YoYo Games has finally hosted their first official competition since May of 2010, with their "Discovery" competition. The new competition has been started in celebration of GameMaker: Studio™'s new Windows 8 Export feature, allowing users to export their games for the Windows Store. We'll do a quick rundown of the major rules here, however, if you'd like to look at the full list of rules, please read the official announcement page. All games must be created with GameMaker: Studio™, using the Windows 8 export. The export is free for all Standard, Professional, and Master Collection Studio™ users. Competition entrants have to register as a Windows Developer, either using the free Student registration or the paid Professional registration. Using this account, you can submit your game to the Windows Store by December 8th, then officially enter the competition by submitting your game to the submittion page. The winner of this competition gets a lovely $500 Visa gift card, along with tons of bragging rights that they've won the 7th official YoYo Games competition!
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