Picks of the Week - October 20th


GAME MAKER COMMUNITYPicks of the Week is an article done by Matt where he informs you, the reader, of games and a tutorial that he's seen in the past week that he found interesting or fun enough that thought he you should know about them.

Insane Balancing On One Leg In Extremely High Places!

Insane Balancing On One Leg In Extremely High Places! is a game that is simple fun with flashy, colorful graphics. It consists entirely of balancing on one leg in high places, and having to adjust yourself as you get thrown back and forth, while simultaneously jumping to avoid thins such as birds and jumping sheep. The controls make it easy to pick up and play while the precision involved ensures that it is hard to master.


DarkVN is an interesting beast. It's a single-script port of VNDS to Game Maker 8.1 for intended use on Windows. So far, it's confirmed to be compatible with two VNDS powered visual novels, Clannad and Tsukihime, and it, along with its more advanced sibling, AngelVN, is continuing to receive post-release support from its author.

One to Watch - Legena: The New Dawn

Legena: The New Dawn has been in development for almost a year. In that time, it has slowly been shaping into a good-looking RPG. With SNES-inspired graphics, and an easy to use interface, it could easily put itself up there in Game Maker's best-of list sometime soon.

Tutorial of the Week - RGB CRT distortion effect

Having created one of the flashiest CRT effects I've ever seen, GMC user deluksic takes this week's Tutorial of the Week. It comes fully loaded with RGB phase shifting, shifty scan lines, and a faux TV glare.
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