4 Things To Add To Your Games


GMGAZETTE — So you're looking for a boost in your game. You're looking for something to keep the players playing so that people aren't just playing your game for 5 minutes and then never picking it up again. This is what every game developer wants. Try one or more of the things below:

These are some of MANY. Try one. Heck, try them all!

1. Extra Rewards: Offer great in-game rewards. Players love to feel accomplishment. Let them collect trophies! Add an achievements system in your game for doing things x amount of times or doing things x amount of times with a certain technique.

2. Competition: Players like to compete with either themselves or other people. Add some competition in your game. Have the player keep trying to beat their previous score -or- have an online highscore table and let the players compete with eachother for the Leaderboard.

3. Gamble: People love winning, but people also love being given the chance to win. Like a slot machine at a casino, there's a chance to win a giant reward. Some games implement this by making the players work to get keys to unlock chests which are located throughout the world, and the chests give random things: anything from being empty to dropping amazing loot!

4. Abilities: Offer the players abilities. Let them earn points to buy abilities for doing the same thing over and over again. It makes repetition worth it by rewarding the player.
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