Game Maker Studio To Support Tizen


GMGAZETTE — YoYo Games announced that Game Maker Studio will be supporting the Tizen platform. You'll be able to export your games as a Tizen Store-ready application at the click of a button! YoYo Games says the launch will be later this year. Tizen beta will be available May 22-24 at a Conference in San Francisco, where YoYo Games will be demonstrating.

You can read the original article by YoYo Games: Click Here

What is Tizen? It's an operating system for mobile devices: Smartphones, Tablets, and even Smart TVs!

“We strongly believe that Tizen will be a significant platform for mobile and other devices and we're keen to show our early commitment to the platform,” said Sandy Duncan, chief executive officer at YoYo Games.

Tizen is open-source and is linux based! It's a solid platform.

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