Game Maker Community Data Stolen


Game Maker Community database has been broken into and data stolen. Yes, that means hacked, genius. This means that someone or something (dun dun DUNNNN) may have all kinds of information (passwords, your email, and even *gasp* links to your private porn stash). YoYo Games says that nothing critical was stolen, which means that your credit card numbers are safe as they are on another secure server. Mike Dailly encourages users to change their passwords and apologizes for any inconveniences. He also says "Your data here isn't secure. Feel free to use a secondary email address so your primary one is "protected".


I'm guessing that's what was showing upon visiting GMC...

And as usual the Game Maker Community is being all mature about it. Well, if you define mature as biting peoples heads off and running around on a wild rampage.

If for any reason you no longer have access to your account, please contact YoYo Games.
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