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GMGAZETTE — Folks, I was looking through an old article ("GM8 crack means money loss for YYG") and thought I'd give Ron a shout. He monitors download pages and keeping record so that he can test for increases and decreases in downloads by date. I asked him for a more up-to-date graph. The previous article claims $47,390.00 was the value of all these downloads combined.

The Updated Graph:

2011-2013: $58,850.00 value

Please note that we're only halfway through 2013, making this number incomplete.

Ron says more than half of the links he follows have been active 3+ years (many of which are still to this moment active). This shows the response time for YoYo Games removing illegal downloads to be somewhat lacking. For research purposes he does not report the links, but rather expects someone else to. He also noted that these links were so easy to find that anyone could find them.

"Use of any version of GameMaker without paying for it is piracy pure and simple, it drains our resources and withholds funds (that we use to improve GameMaker) any loyal fans and users should condemn this practice and have nothing to do with those that do." -- Russell Kay, CTO, YoYo Games, Ltd.
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