GMS Out of the Box Competition

Game Maker Station's second competition. Games submitted to this competition should be the most abstract or original idea, something that no one has ever thought of. The games should take game play beyond the typical game, outside of the norm, out of the box.

The opening date of this competition is: May 7th, 2010
The deadline of this competition is: August 28th, 2010 11:59 PM CDT

  • First Place: A cookie, a first place banner, bragging rights
  • Second Place: A second place banner, bragging rights
  • Third Place: A third place banner, bragging rights
  • Participant: A participant banner

How to submit a game:
Join the GMS community and post the game in the GMS Game Maker Creations forum with [comp2] somewhere in its title.

Rules of the competition:
  • The game must have been created with Game Maker (any version.)
  • The game must be submitted before the competition deadline.
  • The game must not contain any vulgar language or adult content.
  • You are allowed to submit a game that was created before the competition began.
  • No ripped or illegal resources are allowed. You must have permission from the creators of the resources you use.
  • Remember to come up with the most "out of the box" idea possible, and have fun with it!

How the games will be judged:
Our three judges will each pick which game they find the most "out of the box," and the GMS community will then vote between those three to choose first, second, and third.


Acknowledgments: (All are GMS usernames except for linked names)
  • The Mouse of Time, Nijg, Webmasterteen - GMS Administrators
  • Nijg, Webmasterteen, Thinvader747 - Competition Judges
  • Pinpickle - Competition Banner Artist
  • Darthmarus, Treason, TheGanjaMaster, carterv, Thinvader747, DT-170x, Vlad - GMS Moderators
  • The YabYab - Former GMS staff, helped organize the competition

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  1. hope it goes better than your last one XD

  2. So do I. But we had so many changes in management then, no one has a clue what happened to it. This time will be different.

  3. The prizes seem a little.. Meh. Anyway good luck with it!

  4. That's because none of us have the means to for better prizes, however: there may be one more, we didn't include it in the announcement incase it isn't finished in time.

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