Host-A might be gone soon

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HOST-A HOSTING is a famous Game Maker hosting website. The website is filled with thousands of Game Maker files, ranging from games and examples to graphics and other resources related to game maker.

Host-A displayed the following message: click here

The BAD news is that camzmac (former owner of Host-A) announced on his personal website (last month) that he was no longer the owner of Host-A. Instead, he handed his website over to a few of his friends to own and manage. In his own words, he says "I am sorry to say but this website may not be around for much longer".

Camzmac obviously doesn't expect the website to continue living. It it certain to suffer the same fate WillHostForFood's suffered. The sad part is that the owner doesn't have the intentions of continuing the services provided by the famous Host-A Hosting. Cross your fingers. Maybe everything will be fine, and all this fuss will have been for nothing... We can only hope. But I'm pretty sure that they're in the process of shutting down.

You can currently download files. You cannot currently upload any of your files. . Also, at this moment, people are getting both the message above (temporarily unavailable error), and a 404 Error message when visiting Host-A.

Sources: Game Maker Community / Host-A

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