Think twice before visiting YoYo Games

Think twice before visiting YoYo Games this week!

We're asking everybody planning on visiting YoYo Games to think twice. It has become a high security risk to those without anti-virus software. So far, 17 threats have been reported on the YoYo Games website, 8 of them are viruses, and counting. (According to the anti virus program pages)

There are 2 problems:

Above: Screenshot by Chronic, Retired GMC Staff

1. There are threats coming from the adserver or Google Ads (supposedly). They've been creating files under C:\Program Files\ as well as C:\Windows\System32\

2. There were possible threats found in some of the game downloads by AVG, Norton and Avast. I was told this by a couple folks over Skype just a half hour ago. According to them, they got a virus from one or more of the games found in the spotlight slide on the home page. We're thinking there might be a hacker on top of the other weird things going on. Please scan your files immediately after downloading-with something like AVG before opening. Above all, keep your firewall on, and good luck.

I haven't seen any of the viruses myself. I'm just saying what I've heard from both people and the anti-virus program pages (example: Norton page). I'm also taking precautions.

The following programs have reported problems:
Norton, AVG, Avira, Avast, McAfee, ESET, and many more.

P.S. For all of you that told me about this, I will tell Sandy about it as requested. For all of you non-Windows users, ignore all of the above. It's only happening to Windows users.
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  1. Oh, I forgot, this isn't happening to Mac or Linux (supposedly). Fixed.

  2. oh noes! How could this happen. I hope the site is working by Saturday without viruses.

  3. lol Saturday.

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